Miracle Wave


My friends are my biggest inspirations. I am currently extra impressed by the artist efforts of Phil Cheney. Phil recently went to Connecticut and did two giant paintings. The biggest, The Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave, is 10′ x 17′. He also collaborated with musicians Meredith DiMenna and Emil Nomel on a recording of an original song. This weekend The Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave will be on display on the outside of the Nest Arts Factory. Here’s the trailer for that event – the final, longer video and full song to be revealed soon:

Phil is truly manifesting grand things. Phil’s wonderfully written posts about his adventures, and pictures of his art, can be found at dynamicartgallerie.com.



Fall Colors

The Equinox is past, and the air is whispering autumn.

Fall in the mountains is a vivid joy, and I am impatient for the leaves to turn.

As I watch the subtle changes around me, I am reminded of this painting by Judith Cheney, the mother of my oldest friend Phil Cheney (who is also an artist). It adds to my anticipation of WNC in October. I love the happy perspective and color palette. For me, Judy’s paintings inspire a spirited outlook on the world. I am lucky to have a few of them in my house!
judith cheney fall painting