Lifting Up the Lasters

c.m.l. art
If my memory serves me right (and it may or may not), we first met the Lasters – C.M.L, Grace Kelly and Ruby – in March 2007 in Seale, Alabama at an art sale/party called the Doo-Nanny.

We journeyed to that remote event on the recommendation of Robert Seven, and for his invitation we are forever grateful. That year, the Doo-Nanny art sale happened during the day up near the mayor’s office by the highway. We were blown away by the art we saw and the colorful artists who made it. We felt like we’d discovered our people.
charles laster

Later that night, a party was held on Butch Antony’s back porch. The evening began with everyone watching homemade films projected on a sheet hung from a tree. Then Krekel, Joe Edel and I played music for the small but fabulous group gathered there. There was plenty of dancing and shenanigans. It was a magical.

We’ve never been the same since discovering our Doo-Nanny family that day.
grace kelly and ruby

The Lasters are an important part of this family. Talented artists and enthusiastic music lovers, we connected with them instantly, and we continue to be admirers of their art and how they move through the world.

Making a living as an artist can be very challenging. In a sea of mass produced junk, handmade art with heart often gets lost among the waves of trash. However, sailing around the country in an art car full of love, the Lasters have held true to their vision as artists, navigating the ocean of modern culture with humor and faith.
lasters art shack

The Lasters help to make our world better through their creativity and authenticity.

Now health troubles are amplifying their struggles. You can read about their current situation, and make a contribution to help them on the “Help the Lasters Relief Fund” Indigogo page. There is also a “Love the the Lasters” Etsy page fundraiser you can support.

Art lifts up our souls – and so sometimes the right thing to do is to lift up the artists.


photos by me