Krekel Art

Jason Krekel’s birthday was this week, and in celebration here is an overdue post of a video that was made as a DVD extra for our friend Austin Vince’s Mondo Sahara movie (Krekel created lino cut art for title credits). You can follow along on Krekel’s artistic adventures at – new paintings and toys and prints posted regularly!

And here’s Jason Krekel on his snowy birthday…
jason krekel


Fall Colors

The Equinox is past, and the air is whispering autumn.

Fall in the mountains is a vivid joy, and I am impatient for the leaves to turn.

As I watch the subtle changes around me, I am reminded of this painting by Judith Cheney, the mother of my oldest friend Phil Cheney (who is also an artist). It adds to my anticipation of WNC in October. I love the happy perspective and color palette. For me, Judy’s paintings inspire a spirited outlook on the world. I am lucky to have a few of them in my house!
judith cheney fall painting

Grow Like a Fire Shadow

Right now my life is in transition. I suppose our lives our always in transition, but right now, as I seek to create a new career for myself, mine feels especially so.

That said, I may have started this blog prematurely, as I am not quite sure what it’s about. But after some thought I’ve decided that, for the time being, it will be about art and music and things that bring me joy. Things that I hope will bring you joy, too.
Angi West 8.31.13My friend Angi West is one of my favorite people who also happens to be one of my favorite musicians. Her songs grab my heart. Every time I have seen her play live I have been brought to tears, in a good way.

I recently had the pleasure of performing a gospel song with her at her show on August 31 at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville. What an honor. It was, as always, a wonderful show. I was able to take some videos that night (here’s playlist).

As I considered which video from that show to include in this post, I was particularly taken by one of her new songs, “God Pizza.” It speaks to where I am right now, as my being morphs into something new. Just today I discovered a video of “God Pizza” from when Angi played at Harvest Records last December. I decided to include it instead of the video I took because it was the first time I heard her perform it (you can see me at the very end, clapping). And I love the intimacy of it.


photo of angi west at the emerald lounge by me