burning 1

Piles and piles and piles of paper
Documents of distant days
Days gone like the summer
Days lost to the haze

Logistics of life.
Notes no longer needed…

We burned them in the night.

burning 2burning 3burning 4

Setting years of old files on fire was extremely cathartic. A campsite at the beach was the perfect setting for this ritual of sorts. It took three nights to get through it all: tax returns dating back to 1995, 16 years of pay stubs, detailed calendars from our days as a touring band, etc, etc, etc. It was a liberating (and smoky) process.

I’m curious what this release will open me up to now.burning 5


3 thoughts on “Burning

  1. Burn on sister! I am excited to see what new things come into your life with this new energetic space you created. We did a burn of five years of tea house stuff some years ago and it was quite liberating! Set to do another soon after we finish excavating ( Jason is a bit of a hoarder 😉 ) our den/ home office. Tho I doubt it will amount to three days of burning. Wow. That’s a lot of setting free…

  2. Been going through that BIG TIME lately as we clean out old Stuff and pack up to move (into YOUR area, actually). Box after box of old papers, into the recycle bin. Cathartic indeed. As Neil Young so eloquently put it: “Better off down the road / Without that load”.

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