Sensational, Spunky Seniors

My friend Lora recently shared a link to Fabulous Fashionistas, a film about six inspiring women with an average age of 80. I watched it last weekend, and was very moved. The women in the film are creating new, positive paradigms about aging. Their style and sass and optimism are infectious. From the interviews, it seems that an enthusiastic attitude and exercise are two of the key components to a vibrant life after 70. These women also all have creative outlets, including expressing themselves with fashion. I suspect I’ll watch this film again as I get older, to remind myself what’s possible.





A hundred freedoms fell on her.

“Over decades, she had reclaimed what she had forfeited of her own mind, if any. She took pains to keep outside of the world’s acceleration. An Athens marketplace amazed Diogene with “How many things there are in the world of which Diogenes hath no need!” Lou had long since cut out fashion and all radio but the Red Sox. In the past few years she had let go her ties to people she did not like, to ironing, to dining out in town, and to buying things not necessary and that themselves needed care. She ignored whatever did not interest her. With those blows she opened her days like a piñata. A hundred freedoms fell on her. She hitched free years to her lifespan like a kite tail. Everyone envied her the time she had, not noticing that they had equal time. ” – Annie Dillard, from The Maytrees

I recently finished The Maytrees, which is exquisitely written.

This passage above really struck me as it paints a picture of a way to be in the world that I admire. Lou’s approach to life seems so liberating. I am in a phase where I am craving more simplicity. Of course, I can’t imagine totally giving up dining out, but there are many things I can give up, and will. In doing so, I hope to make room for more nature and art and music and wonder.
mt mitchell view

Miracle Wave


My friends are my biggest inspirations. I am currently extra impressed by the artist efforts of Phil Cheney. Phil recently went to Connecticut and did two giant paintings. The biggest, The Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave, is 10′ x 17′. He also collaborated with musicians Meredith DiMenna and Emil Nomel on a recording of an original song. This weekend The Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave will be on display on the outside of the Nest Arts Factory. Here’s the trailer for that event – the final, longer video and full song to be revealed soon:

Phil is truly manifesting grand things. Phil’s wonderfully written posts about his adventures, and pictures of his art, can be found at